Introducing Magnolia Pearl Clothing

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Once upon a time, Leon and Lulu met Magnolia Pearl and magic happened...

We're proud to be one of the select Michigan retailers of Magnolia Pearl. This imaginative, uplifting and artistic clothing line perfectly reflects the unique journeys and artistic style of so many of our customers.

Although new to Leon and Lulu, Magnolia Pearl was born from the creative imaginings of designer Robin Brown in 2002. The Texas based label incorporates an awe inducing range of fabrics and materials, natural and globally-made textiles as well as vintage and antique embellishments. This is one-size-fits-all, inclusive clothing created for human expression, with an emphasis on sustainability and ease of movement.

Every Magnolia Pearl garment tells a story. Wear yours on your sleeve with a single Magnolia Pearl piece added to your wardrobe or create entire ensembles to reflect the sophisticated rebel within.

The Magnolia Pearl pieces we carry are extremely limited stock, unique and highly sought after garments. They're absolute must-sees which is why we aren't offering them in our online shop.

We invite you to stop in for a memorable Magnolia Pearl experience. We'd love in introduce you in person.


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