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Blue Q Woven Dish Towel Just Gonna Set That Dirty Dish in the Sink, Huh?
Yellow dish towel with design of pink asparagus with the text, "Asparagus, why does it do that?"
Stone gray dish towel with white floral illustrations. Contains the text, "You're doing f-ing great!"
Orange dish towel with white swirl designs and a white coffee cup with three lines of text reading "You", "f-ing", "can;t". Above the coffee cup is text that reads "Name one thing better than coffee."
Yellow dsh towel with a green cartoonish giraffe eating green plants, wih text reading "I eat the sh*t out of plants."
Yellow dish towel with a cartoonish tree desogn with various animals. Has texz reading, "It's like my kids don't even know I'm a good parent"
Red dish towel containing a repetitve design of a minimalistic house. Cotains text tat reads "Ya''ll would be a mess without me,"
Blue Q

Woven Dish Towel

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Super-absorbent. 100% cotton.

These designs have luxurious woven artwork, known as jacquard. The thread’s colors create the design for a sweet, tactile and vintage feel.

28"h x 21"w

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