Lampe Berger Alliance Giftset (multiple colors) - Leon & Lulu
Lampe Berger Alliance Giftset (multiple colors) - Leon & Lulu
Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Sloped: Gayle's Favorite Thing

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Gayle uses her Lampe Berger daily to make her house smell lovely.  Her favorite fuel scents include, Christmas Cookies and Pumpkin Delight.

The Lampe Berger Alliance Turquoise Giftset with its curved design with an art deco trend echoes the codes of modern architecture. This contrasts with the straightforwardness of the silver frame. The gradient lacquered glass is adorned in bold colors with a subtle sea-green at the top and a deeper bottle blue at the bottom of the catalytic lamp body. A mixture of intensity and elegance that brings character to your interior. Accompanied by the Virginia Cedarwood fragrance, this Lampe Berger Alliance Turquoise Set offers you an atmosphere of freedom tinged with a freshly woody resinous hint of pine needles and cedar underlined by powerful spicy notes. A fragrance of naturalness hovers in your interior.

The Lampe Berger Alliance Red Giftset is the work of designer Armand Delsol. The body of the lamp resembles an arch with its rather rectangle shape ending in a round semicircle. These symmetrical lines inspired by art deco trends and modern architecture lead to the most urban result. The dazzling cylindrical silver metallic straight frame matches the gradient red lacquered glass, a color that communicates warmth, energy and stirs up passions. Let yourself be seduced by the gourmet scents of the Orange Cinnamon fragrance included in this Lampe Berger Alliance Red Gift Set. The freshness of orange citrus is revealed by cinnamon spice, then the olfactory composition ends with a sweet hint of vanilla, for a warm and delicately scented atmosphere.