Death for Dinner Cookbook
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Death for Dinner Cookbook

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From the mad mind of acclaimed chef Zach Neil comes this killer plant-based cookbook inspired by your favorite horror movies and TV shows.  The follow-up to his best-selling cookbook, Nightmare Before Dinner, the Death for Dinner Cookbook delivers gruesome goodness in 60 stick-to-your-ribs comfort food recipes, from startling starters and monstrous mains to depraved desserts and cursed cocktails, including:

CRYSTAL LAKE BBQ SLIDERS inspired by Friday the 13th

HADDONFRIED STEAK inspired by Halloween

CHILDREN OF THE HOMINY inspired by Children of the Corn

CHILI NECRONOMICON CARNE inspired by The Evil Dead

SWEET AND SOUR MAGGOTS inspired by The Lost Boys

SPICY HITCHHIKER'S MARGARITA inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Though the recipes may look terrifying, they are easy to make and will impress even the most stubborn carnivores.  So, get ready to throw the ultimate Halloween party or some epic movie nights.  Let's just hope Freddy, Michael, and Jason stay on the screen and off the guest list.