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Kapari Pant
Kapari Pant
Lotus Eaters En Noir

Kapari Pant

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In Ancient Greek times, eating the Lotus fruit created a feeling of euphoria and new way of understanding existence. Lotus Eaters the brand follows this philosophy.

With fabrics created to fit the designs and old family techniques passed down through the generations, Lotus Eaters offers unique and high quality pieces to give wearers a feeling of uniqueness, confidence and euphoria.

The Kapari Pants have long, straight legs and a loose, removable wrap layer. An elastic back waistband and side pocket ensure comfort and function while the fashion forward wrap layer features a patch pocket.  The high slit in the wrap layer allows it to fall airily over the trousers. Pair with a matching Lotus Eaters top for a truly stunning ensemble.

Made of supple 100% linen.

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