My Little TV

My Little TV

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Turn your cell phone into a miniature retro TV set. It is made out of laser-cut cardboard and 3D-printed parts. The facade and body can be built to suit the different-size phones. It is made of eco-friendly color board and corrugated cardboard. 3D-printed antennae and legs allow no waste. You can also download 3D printable files from FunnyFish website for free. Print different parts for various styles of antennae and standing legs and design your own TV set.


- A magical mobile phone stand that turns your cell phone into a TV set.
- A fun little assembly project with laser-cut facade and 3D-printed antenna and legs.
- A glue-free eco-friendly product.
- A slim-case friendly design.
- Accommodates a wide range of phone sizes.
- A home decor item used as a photo frame.
- Free 3D printable files for replaceable antennae provided by FunnyFish website.
- Patent pending.
- Material: Cardboard Paper, 3D printed ABS
- Compatible : 
iPhone X, XS, XR, 8+, 7+, 6+, 8, 7, 6
Galaxy S10 ~ S7 series, Note series, A series
LG G series, V series