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Scream Electronic Scream Maker

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This 5-1/4” tall plastic version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream will release all your angst (reality-based or existential) with the touch of a button. Fall into the lap of luxury with automated irritation! Feeling frustrated with the world? You could deal with it the old-fashioned way and cry out into the void yourself, risking damage to your vocal cords and giving yourself a headache. Or, you can use our electronic Scream to howl at the world's outrageous indignities for you. It’s a modern marvel!  Keep it next to you while you’re watching the news, checking Twitter or just hanging out with your family talking politics. We recommend keeping the package, as it recreates the chaotic landscape and orange horizon of the original painting. This is art with a practical purpose! Batteries included. Not for sale in Norway.