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Carole's Favorite Thing: Silk Dot Necklace in Assorted Colors
Meet Carole: Stylist/Alembika Advocate

Carole's Favorite Thing: Silk Dot Necklace in Assorted Colors

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Carole has a love for our more designer lines in the store....i mean, can we blame her? She appreciates an understated piece that has artistic flare. Although she was sad that Neil stole Letol Scarves as his favorite thing, she landed on another great international find. Annemieke rubber necklaces are sure to turn some heads. 

"I love Annemieka Broenink's rubber and silk necklaces that are hand-made in the Netherlands. Each piece is unique and they are a nice light weight alternative to a scarf."

Fun Fact - Carole is currently taking French lessons, and as the French say "Regarder en chiens de faïence".....She'll fight you over that necklace, scarf, fancy jacket we swear.

Broenink is a Dutch designer with a passion for fashion and accessories. She studied fashion design and has an extensive background in design and sales in the Amsterdam fashion industry. Annemieke has been designing her own collection of playful necklaces and collars – a combination of both art and fashion – since 2004. All her wearable art is produced in her own studio.

These necklaces are sold assorted.  Please leave a note at checkout with color preference if desired and we will select one for you.

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