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Silver Linings Earrings
Silver Linings Earrings
Silver Linings Earrings
Mend On The Move

Silver Linings Earrings

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The sun is still shining behind the stormy clouds. We just can’t see it. Mend is an encouraging community, reminding us to keep looking for the constant sun through the temporary storms. Car seat component scrap donated from BAE Industries.

  • Sustainably handcrafted by abuse survivors
  • 100% of proceeds support Mend on the Move's nonprofit, providing fair wages, safe work environment, empowerment + healing
  • Stainless steel ear wire. Made using salvaged auto parts.

Limited Edition. Once the parts are gone, so is the design!

There’s a story behind each Mend design. Its name, origin and parts used to create it are on the back of each Mend jewelry tag. Also, you’ll find the signature of the Mend maker who created the piece of jewelry you’ve purchased. 

Products are made by hand and may vary slightly.