Tree Bark Pot Lg
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Tree Bark Pot Lg

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Rustic mango wood pots rimmed with recycled tree bark and lined with a metal plate.  Completed with twine wrap and leather dustcovers.

2 Wicks.

Campfire (CF) – Birch, cedar, clove, vetiver, & smoky musk. A heady blend sure to bring reminders of childhood campfires.

Ginger Patchouli (GP) – Spicy ginger, grapefruit, earthy patchouli, musk & sandalwood. Earthy sweet and intoxicating.

Grapefruit Pine (GF) – Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk & sandalwood.  Incredible mix of citrus and woodsy tones.

Tobacco Bark (TB) – Dark rum, incense, sweet woody tobacco, citrus, clove & vanilla.  A delectable, warm fragrance sure to charm everyone.