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Kitty's Silent Book Club at Three Cats

Feed your body, fill your mind and foster friendship with Kitty's Silent Book Club at Three Cats.

Starting Wednesday March 21st, this weekly occurrence runs from 6-8pm and celebrates good reads, good company and good eats. 

Per Mary Liz:

"My friend Kitty and I love to read and we love to be with each other. Years ago, we would sometimes go out for dinner and ignore each other while we read our books. We loved it and are delighted that this has become a thing.


It's very simple - enjoy an evening with people who like to read. No suggested books, no deadline, just a quiet evening. Unless you decide to talk, which is also encouraged."


No reading list. No planned discussion. No rules. Just sit, read and have a little something.


Grab your book, your friends and make your reservations HERE

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