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Nathalie Borderie

Leon and Lulu is pleased to welcome yet another fabulous French jeweler to our collection! Nathalie Borderie's glass jewelry is the stunning culmination of love for Haute Couture and primitive arts. Her creations are instinctive, raw and colorful making them right at home here at Leon and Lulu.

Borderie worked in famous Parisian couture houses such as Nina Ricci and Chanel for more than 15 years as a jewelry designer.  After leaving Paris for the  verdant beauty of Touraine and the castles of the Loire Valley, Nathalie decided to create her own jewelry line as well as glass sculptures using her expertise in choosing and assembling crystals and beads.

She's gained a reputation for creating pieces with a distinctive look that exude personality. Borderie's pieces may be found in museum shops throughout the world and her stunning creations are sold in more than 20 countries. And now they can be found here in Clawson!


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