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Gravity Clear Lampe
Gravity Clear Lampe
Gravity Clear Lampe
Lampe Berger

Gravity Clear Lampe

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Inspired by the wonders of the universe, the Transparent Gravity Lampe Berger harmoniously merges the astral theme with that of home fragrances. Its futuristic and sophisticated original design is by Storm Studio. Its uneven surface and its transparent mineral color give it a unique character. Its spherical shape is gentle, composed of one side in beaten glass and on the other, a magnificent metallic silver slatted mount. This combination of materials can create a subtle textured effect that becomes one, in a perfect balance. This Transparent Gravity Lampe Berger will certainly become the new centerpiece of your decoration with its modern and refined appearance. Once you have picked the Lampe Berger perfume refill of your choosing to go with it, this object will offer you purified air and a perfumed bubble of serenity. A complete sensory experience awaits you, for a truly beneficial moment!

Height 12,5 cm
Width 13 cm
Length 13 cm
Material: Glass

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