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Molly G

Allow us to introduce you to our new line of handbags- Molly G!  They're an amazing addition to our top-notch accessories offerings with their impeccable construction, edgy details and some of the softest, most luxurious leather you'll ever feel. These bags are built to last.

Molly G's designer, Molly Greig was inspired to create a line of handbags that were a reflection of the women she surrounded herself with — unconventional, original and stylish. With meticulous quality and craftsmanship in mind, Molly pursued her passion of creating a bold and beautiful line of edgy and elegant handbags.

Molly G's products are all ethically made here in the USA with woman-owned production houses.  Every buttery-soft, top grade leather handbag is designed to meld perfectly with your figure for an elegant look you can only get from a company that puts women first.