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Gail's Favorite Thing: 4x8 Monarch Art Tile / Turquoise
Gail's Favorite Thing: 4x8 Monarch Art Tile / Turquoise
Meet Gail: Sales/Etiquette Instructor

Gail's Favorite Thing: 4x8 Monarch Art Tile / Turquoise

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Oh Gail, what do we say about our wonderful Gail?  Well, for starters, we are a rowdy bunch here at the L&L, and dear Gail classes us up.  She may not know it, but we button up and down when she's around and aren't really sure why.  But I think Mary Liz appreciates it, as she's always trying to get us to wear our suits and ties to work.  We THANK YOU Gail, from the bottom of our inappropriate hearts.  Gail loves Motawi tiles because they are unique and beautiful, plus they are made in Ann Arbor.   Close to our hearts and charming just like our beloved Gail. 

Fun facts about Gail:  Gail is a certified singing scuba diver.  I know, pretty hard to believe but she swears she has the papers to prove her mermaid status.  

 French artist E.A. Séguy was influential throughout the art nouveau and art deco periods. He found inspiration in nature, and his fascination with butterflies culminated in his 1920s portfolio, “Papillons.” Séguy created exacting replications using the “pochoir” stenciling method, in which each plate was hand-colored using as many as 20 stencils. Nawal Motawi thought that the bold color and density the designs would translate beautifully to tile — she was right!

  • Actual Tile Size: Approximately 3 7/8” x 7 7/8”. As each Motawi tile is crafted by hand, dimensions may vary slightly by up to 1/16".
  • Tiles are 5/8" thick and have a notch at the back for hanging.

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