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Socks: A Footloose Miscellany for Sock Lovers and Wearers
Chronicle Books

Socks: A Footloose Miscellany for Sock Lovers and Wearers

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Do you wear socks? If so, you'll love this book! Amusing and highly giftable, Socks is an illustrated miscellany all about the most common accessory. Through humorous text and quirky art, discover what different types of socks say about the people who wear them: Striped socks? A bit whimsical. A bit arty. Loves museum gift shops. Dress socks? Proud owner of three pairs of loafers, three Labradors, and three 401(k)s. Socks with bad elastic that really need to be thrown away? This person is not a quitter-unlike these crappy socks. Also included are important things such as musings from the Sock Monkey, a timeline of famous socks throughout history, and postcards from your lost socks. (Where did they go? Will they ever come back?) Packaged in a tall, narrow trim, this book is a perfect add-on gift alongside a nice pair of-you guessed it-socks. And who doesn't love socks?

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