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Light pink pastel screen printed dish towel. Depicted is a little girl wresting a crocodile. Below them, there is text saying, "Do one thing every day that scares your family."
White screen pritned dish towel. In purple, black, and pink text, it says, "People only hang out with you because your food is amazing and your kitchen smells like heaven and no one ever wants to leave your home and your personality is pretty good too I guess."
Cream screen printed dish towel. In various colors, there is text that says "I don't feel like making it but I feel like eating it."
Screen printed dish towel composed of different colored blobs with stripes.  In the middle. there is a stripeless yellow blob that has text saying, "Don't give up, but you can totally ake a break if you want."
Blue screen printed dish towel with 4 dogs of different breeds. There is text in the middle that says, "People I want to meet: 1. dogs."
Screen Printed Dish Towel / Click for Selection
Screen Printed Dish Towel / Click for Selection
Blue Q

Screen Printed Dish Towel / Click for Selection

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Super-absorbent 100% unbleached cotton, 100% amazing Screen Printed Dish Towels are just what your kitchen needs.

Measures 28"h x 21"w

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