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Drama Llama Card Game
Drama Llama Card Game
Drama Llama Card Game
Drama Llama Card Game
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Drama Llama Game

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Who's ready to stir up some drama and unleash their inner Drama Llama? Get your popcorn ready because this card game is about to take things up a notch!
Here's how it works: shuffle the deck, pick a card, and get ready to cause a ruckus by pointing fingers and naming names.


1. Shuffle the drama cards and take turns selecting a card from the deck.
2. Turn the timer and read your card to the group. You then must cause commotion by naming another player that best fits the card!
3. Work your way through the deck, and whoever has the most cards at the end is crowned the biggest Drama Llama

Want to know who has the worst taste in partners? Who's the biggest catfish? Or who is most likely to sell feet pics online? These cards have got you covered! It's time to mix it up and take a break from your boring board games for adults!

Perfect if you’re looking for party card games for friends, Christmas games for adults, or fun games as stocking fillers for adults on a wild night, this is not for the faint of heart! So test your friendships and drink away your sorrows with this wild NSFW party game!

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