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Grey Gravity Lampe
Grey Gravity Lampe
Grey Gravity Lampe
Lampe Berger

Grey Gravity Lampe

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This Grey Gravity Lampe Berger, invented by Storm Studio, is inspired by the stars and their mysterious beauty. The beaten body of the catalytic lamp gently unites with a slatted silver mount to form a perfect sphere. Its irregular and textured surface is reminiscent of moon craters, as is its mineral grey color. In fact, its color adds a note of sobriety and sophistication to your decoration. The Grey Gravity Lampe Berger is not limited to its elegant and remarkable aesthetic. It also offers you a true olfactory ritual! For a purified and perfumed atmosphere, simply light it and let one of our home fragrances diffuse to immediately enter a bubble of serenity. Much more than a simple decorative object, the catalytic lamp is the symbol of refinement and well-being, and remains a unchanging marker in an ever-evolving world.

Height 12,5 cm
Width 13 cm
Length 13 cm
Material: Lacquered glass

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