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Hard as a Rock Crosswords: Extra Hard
Union Square

Hard as a Rock Crosswords: Extra Hard

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Chip away at these super-challenging puzzles to reveal masterpieces of crossword construction!
Everyone looks forward to Saturday, but for some of us, it's not just because it's the weekend—it's when the newspapers publish their hardest crosswords. Hard as a Rock Crosswords: Extra Hard features the hardest of the hard, with some of the twistiest, most fiendishly misleading clues you'll ever have the pleasure of tearing your hair out over. This 96-page puzzle book features 72 themeless 15-by-15 crosswords from some of the top puzzlemakers in the country, with wide-open diagrams that will make you wonder "how did they even make this?" Expert solvers will love the challenge, and those who want to become expert solvers will enjoy the opportunity to hone their skills. And if the puzzles ever make you feel at a loss for words, the answers are always in the back.