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Hoptimist Bumble IQ
Hoptimist Bumble IQ
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Hoptimist Bumble IQ

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The Hoptimist Bumble IQ is the quintessence of smile, optimism and a job well done. With its jaunty graduation cap round and harmonious look, it spreads joy wherever it is.

Measures 3"H

Firmly convinced by the power of smile, Gustav Ehrenreich created the joyful Hoptimist movement in the late 1960s. The aim was to design a figurine that would remind us of the importance of remaining positive and optimistic. Because, although the 1960s are often called the “happy 1960s,” this decade has been marked by disturbing events. That is why the joy of Ehrenreich’s design was welcome in a rather turbulent period. Today, the joyful Hoptimists are part of the history of Danish design and create joy around the world.

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