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Lavender Honey / 12 oz. jar
Lavender Honey / 12 oz. jar
Savannah Bee Company

Lavender Honey / 12 oz. jar

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With each jar of honey, bee-powered beauty product, and cultivated hive, Savannah Bee Company is working to save the bees. And with every purchase from Savannah Bee Company -you are too.

There is a very special place along the border of Spain and Portugal where the breeze from the mountains dries the soil. A place where fields of lavender grow as far as the eye can see and the honeybees can fly. Bi-lingual beekeepers in this part of the world make fast work of lining the lavender fields with their bee boxes during the heady blooming season of May. The result is a wondrously rich honey with mildly sweet floral notes -a Southern European vacation in a bottle. 

Many beekeepers believe lavender to be the bees’ favorite flower for the  prolific amount of nectar it produces.

Flavor Profile: Mildly sweet and subtly complex. Aromatic and fruity with floral notes.

12 oz.

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