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M Mantel Echo
M Mantel Echo
M Mantel Echo

M Mantel Echo

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A contemporary mantel or desk clock with a minimalist dial.

Available in a range of monochrome color options, this modern matt-finish mantel clock holds a graphic dial and glass lens.

Known as ‘silent sweep’ in the industry, the hands move in a constant sweeping motion rather than a stepped tick. So you won’t hear any ticking but if your hearing is particularly sensitive in a completely silent room you may hear a very quiet whirring.

Ideal for adding style and function to the desk, mantelpiece or shelves.

Size: 6.6 x 6.3 x 2.4in 
Materials: Acrylic case with a silicone finish, metal hands and glass lens
Movement: Quartz ‘silent-sweep’ movement. No tick, but faint whir when in a silent room such as a bedroom.
Power: Requires 1 x high quality branded alkaline AA battery (not included)

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