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Milagro Heart Cards
Sugarboo Designs

Milagro Heart Cards

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Milagro stands for Sacred Heart, it represents love, healing and gratitude. These beautiful cards can be used not only to help heal a broken heart, but also to send love to a significant other, parent, child or friend. 

Each card comes with this blessing:

"Please take this milagro, also known as a little miracle or offering, put it in your home or carry it with you. The heart milagro represents love, healing, and gratitude. May you always have these blessings in abundance." 

Each heart is made out of mild steel and based off found original milagro heart molds. They are finished by hand forging and polishing so each milagro heart will be different and natural variations will occur. Please know that each heart is different and the one's pictured might not be the same ones that you receive. 

One card per order. Various quotes available.

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