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Small whie box with various colored polkadots. 6 pieces of clay are laid out on the ground in this order of colors: pink, purple, red, yellow, green, blue.

Mini Clay

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Designed for little artists, the Toysmith Mini Clay set includes 6 miniature clays that won’t harden when in use. Made for little hands, this clay kit is a great starter item for little ones who like to build, make, and create. Each Mini Clay pack from Toysmith includes 6 vibrant clays. Colors include blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and pink. This clay material is also unique in that it won’t harden. Kids can play with each clay color for hours, and it won’t dry out or break. A durable, stretchy clay material that’s soft and fun to form and shape and that will provide engaging play again and again. A colorful display comes with 72 Mini Clay packs.

  • Age Grade: 5+
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: 3.00 L x 1.65 W x 0.55 H / 0.11 lb

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