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Stripes Of All Types
Penguin Random House

Stripes Of All Types

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A patterned parade of animals comes to life!

What kinds of animals have stripes and why do they have them?
With engaging rhymes and bright, bold images, award-winning author-illustrator Susan Stockdale introduces readers to a range of striped animals, familiar and exotic, and some of the benefits of their patterns. In addition to providing beauty and inspiration, stripes can help a creature communicate with and recognize fellow members of its species, provide camouflage for hunting or hiding, or confuse or scare off predators. From the tiger to the Malaysia tapir, the ring-tailed lemur to the zebra, these stunning striped creatures will delight and fascinate budding naturalists.
This entrancing companion to Spectacular Spots features energetic rhyming text and beautifully detailed paintings that pop off the page. An afterword tells a little bit more about each animal and where it lives, and readers can test their knowledge of animal stripes with a fun matching game at the end.

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