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Reduce, Reuse and Read This

There's only one Mother Earth and about 8 billion of us. That's a lot of kids!  

We like to give her a break now and again and one of the easiest ways to do that is switching to reusable products whenever possible.  All the one and done household goods are convenient but boy, oh boy do they take their toll on our wallets and the environment!

Single use plastic products like plastic wrap, baggies or straws can take up to 500 years to decompose! Not to mention they aren't anywhere near as cute as what we have right here in our store for you:

Bees Wraps and Green Food Huggers are amazing replacements for plastic wrap. Washable, reusable and perfect for storing food or covering dishes with out the cling factor.

Straws are an easy swap. These Colored Glass Straws are perfect for sipping smoothies or sodas at home. Sea turtle approved.

Make plastic sporks a thing of the past! Green Travel Utensils are perfect for packing with lunches and snacks.  Long lasting, reusable and biodegradable.

Ease off the trees by switching to durable, reusable dishcloths and sponges:

Wet Cloths are super durable, super scrubby, super reusable subs for paper towels. Pop them in the washing machine after cleaning up those messes and get up to 6 months of use from one! Plus, these ones just look good.

Mighty Mini Towels made from recycled plastic bottles keep waste outta the landfill like it's their job. Swap out a roll of paper towels for a few of these beauties to save bank and the world.


Help keep the environment as beautiful as you by integrating some of these into your self-care routine:

Reusable Makeup Removers actually do a better job removing stubborn make-up than cotton rounds or disposable make-up wipes.  They're also softer, reusable and made from recycled fibers.  

Makeup Removing Towels make another great option for safely and gently removing a full face of make-up with their super soft microfiber fabric.

Green looks good on you!

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