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Bienvenue, Samuel Coraux!

Jewelry Samuel Coraux

From the pages of French Vogue to Leon and Lulu - we are thrilled to carry the phenomenal sculptural jewelry of Samuel Coraux!  These are unique jewelry pieces like none other; full of movement, color and volume.

Samuel became a jewelry designer by chance after a car accident left him immobile for months. A box of beads and full use of his hands led him to begin piecing necklaces together and within a year his jewelry was featured on the poster for one of the top Parisian fashion shows. It's obvious why his striking designs and imaginative pieces have captured the fancy of many.  Using his experiences of world travel combined with self taught skills, he's created a line of "controlled eccentricity" bursting with limitless creativity.
Coraux creates jewelry to be a companion to the wearer and true objects of art and expression- not merely a ring or pair of earrings. We invite you to come in to find a piece of Samuel Coraux's jewelry that expresses your creative nature.
See the unique pieces owner, Mary Liz, picked up from Paris HERE:

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