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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Countdown to Christmas 

Stocking Stuffers - Leon & Lulu

Stocking Stuffers

Need something small that happens to fit in a sock?  Well, here at Leon & Lulu we pride ourselves on all the items we carry that are sock worthy...over 300 to be exact.  Santa shops here, so should you!

Unique Finds - Leon & Lulu

Unique Finds

Looking for a gift for the person who wants nothing, but has everything?  Look no further.  These gifts are sure to surprise.  All handmade or hard to find...easy to shop!

Detroit Lovers - Leon & Lulu

Detroit Lovers

Shop this collection for all things made in Detroit, all things "Detroit-ish" and all things showcasing what the Motor City has to offer.

White Elephant Gifts - Leon & Lulu

White Elephant Gifts

Whether your family hosts a classic White Elephant exchange or the Northerners Yankee Swap we've got the perfect amusing, impractical and highly sought after gifts.  Sure to entertain a socially distanced crowd!

Holiday Treats - Leon & Lulu

Holiday Treats

You can never go wrong with sweets & treats.  Especially ones decorated with sprinkles and adorable snowman faces.  Staff tried and true (we live for samples!).  Every item in this collection tastes as good as they look.  We promise!

Hostess Gifts - Leon & Lulu

Hostess Gifts

Heading to another household (mask in hand)?  Go the extra mile and let them know how thankful you are for the opportunity to interact with other human beings!  These gifts are sure to show your gratitude.

Staff Favorites - Leon & Lulu

Mother's Day Staff Favorites

Curious to know, in a store of over 50,000 items, what the staff secretly wishes for?  We've interviewed our team of Moms, daughters, sons, fur-moms, and mom-friends to see what they desire for or would love to give this Mother's Day.

Some items are brand new or some tried and true; whichever it is, we are sure to have something for the Mom on your list.  

Cat & Dog People - Leon & Lulu

Cat & Dog People

Do you have that one friend or relative who posts a 10:1 pet to human photo ratio?  The one friend that doesn't leave their house without Fluffy in tow?  The relative that has a walking harness for their cat?!  Well...we support their obsession.  

Kitchen Queens - Leon & Lulu

Kitchen Queens

Hey, A Queen's a Queen.  And this particular Queen reigns the kitchen.  Make her life easier, or at least funnier with this collection of practical, sometimes punny, products.

Liquor, Wine and Beer...Cheers! - Leon & Lulu

Liquor, Wine and Beer...Cheers!

I'm sure you've heard that 2020 has had the largest increase in alcohol sales in years, right?  Judgement aside, we are here to support whatever interests one may have (as long as they're safe and responsible).  We have the gifts & games to make whiskey collectors, wine connoisseurs, and liquor sippers happy...with or without actual booze!


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