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From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers
Penguin Random House

From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers

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Children will be utterly absorbed by this journey through the history of architecture, from the earliest mud huts to today’s soaring towers. Chronologically arranged, this large-format book gives each iconic building its own double-page spread featuring an exquisite watercolor illustration and clearly written descriptions, facts, and features. These vibrantly detailed pages are filled with people, animals, and other objects that help bring the buildings to life. A detailed appendix includes a timeline, a world map that points out where each building can be found, and an extensive glossary. Children will enjoy poring over this book—and will come away with a fundamental understanding of not only the most common architectural terms, but also of how the built world has evolved marvelously over time.

64 Pages

Age 8-12 years

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