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Oh My Gourd!
Penguin Random House

Oh My Gourd!

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Learn how to make the most of a beloved seasonal delight: the pumpkin!

As the sun sets on summer, there’s no need to be sad. Fall is here, and it’s time to carve some gourds!

But pumpkins aren’t just for teenagers to smash on Halloween—there are a multitude of uses for this versatile produce, and Oh My Gourd! is your go-to gourd guide, with how-to-carve step-by-step instructions, 20 pumpkin recipes, 9 other uses for pumpkins and gourds, and 2 pumpkin carving stencils.

Get back to the basics with a handy step-by-step for carving a pumpkin that will have your callers commenting on your crafty cutting. Use one of the included templates to carve your creation! Then discover how to turn a simple gourd into a water bottle or a colorful animal feeder that will bring all sorts of critters to your garden. After, why not whip up a batch of smoky pumpkin deviled eggs, pumpkin chips, or a warming pumpkin spiced latte to sip while you watch your favorite holiday movie? And that’s just the beginning; you’ll find lots of things can be improved with a little sprinkle of pumpkin spice!

Transform your festive fun with 29 ideas that will have you saying, “Oh my Gourd!”

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