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Small Metal Dragonfly
Sm Metal Dragonfly 6" - Leon & Lulu - Shop Now
Running Rock Art

Small Metal Dragonfly

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Each dragonfly is an individually crafted indoor wall-art piece, starting its journey from a simple piece of cold-rolled steel. After it is flame-cut, a hand-held disc grinder is artfully utilized to etch multiple layers of texture and brilliance into the surface of the body and wings, after which heat from a torch transforms the shiny steel into the deep colors and hues that are unique to each dragonfly.

With plyers, clamps, hammers, files, and fixtures there's added dramatic dimension and shape to each one, creating a unique art piece that is not only distinctive, but also has recognized symbolism and meaning. Dragonflies have, for thousands of years, been thought of as a symbol for a positive life force, suggesting "Live life to the fullest" and "Make the most of the time on earth"

  • built-in hanger that is centered and balanced to allow the dragonfly to hang in any direction
  • These are all unique and handmade, colors will vary. Let us choose for you. 
  • One per order.

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